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Myself in a nutshell

I consider myself a football player. But I have studied physics. Maybe I wasn’t such a good player. After a University study and a PhD in some fundamental aspects of particle and theoretical physics I turned my attention to things that are more down to earth. Most of my recent research work is related to some biology-related questions.

I enjoy thinking that everything we look at is random in nature and that in many cases can be described by models and numbers.

Mathematical models are very good because they create a framework. Most of them are wrong but if one understands where they fail, they provide extremely useful hints about what is going on. To know where they fail requires comparing them with data, making statistics and computing predictions. I do enjoy thinking in these terms.

For long time I thought of opening a blog. The coronavirus gave me the energy to do that. But I won’t write only about viruses and I won’t write only about science. I like to think about politics, human nature and nice things.

Me after my favorite hobby: Football playing with my friends from Traktor Friedenau.

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